"​Within half an hour I could stand on my foot!"

"Almost two years ago I was involved in a car accident and my left foot was injured. For two weeks I couldn't stand on my foot because of the pain and had to walk around with crutches. Dana appeared with a marvelous Theta healing session and even before half an hour I could stand on my foot, an action which I was very afraid to do. I could walk without crutches!!! It was really extraordinary. Since then I use her help for everything. She made me see that with the right mediation, Theta healing can treat anything. She unravels complexities I have in my relations with other people and anxieties which go with me for years. Dana thank you, for being alive, for being so attentive, that you professional and emotional basket is like a bottomless pit. Thank you for being so willing to give and to study. I recommend everyone to award themselves with this wonderful gift of meeting a teacher, a therapist and a rare person such as Dana"

Dana Tavor Chaikin, Chinese medicine therapist, "family health center for children"